Mobile Development Channel

MDC - Mobile Development Channel - is the platform by which Gulliver grew up so standly, thanks to MDC we can meet all the app market demand.

MDC is the Gulliver’s mobile strategy and it is the one and only Italian platform available on the international market.

Developing Apps with MDC is productive and simple, so that some Gulliver customers and some very important Italian software houses have chosen it to develop their own App without being an expert developers.

Without MDC all the projects, the Apps and the ready to use solutions would have been different from one another, not easy to maintain and keep updated. MDC is the pillar of the production chain.

Thanks to MDC Gulliver decreases costs and can offer always updated solutions to its customers in a shorter time.





MDC has an intuitive web interface by which, through intuitive "components", it is very easy to create your own App without having any programming skills.

Once created, MDC apps can be released to compatible devices by selecting them on the MDC Web Console.

it is possible to enable different apps to different user groups by role and job.

The user has just to search the created app on the store and download it on his mobile.








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