Trade and Sales

Digital catalogue, orders and quote management, customers ‘archive and CRM data management are some of the key features dedicated to the sales force. Thanks to our smart development and thanks to the MDC platform flexibility we can help your company to improve the sellers' performances, we are able to offer a new sales experience. We have a very satisfied customers' base which took big advantage using our solutions.

Choosen by

  • ILLVA Saronno

    The On-trade regional account made by MDC is running on a Samsung tablet to check the sales data and the sales mix in Italy and abroad. It is a Multilanguage app which is a gathering of relevant info even for the inspections’ outcomes.    

  • Piquadro

    The Piquadro Salesforce, available for tablet, allows the employees to manage the whole order management in a efficiently and effectively way. Catalogue consultation and customer cards, stock availability checking, filling orders, discount management and promotional campaigns are some of the features available for this solution. All the data made by the app is sending in real time.

  • BTicino

    BTicino is one of the world's leading manufacturers of low voltage electrical equipment for civil, industrial and tertiary installations. Present in over 60 countries, BTicino testifies the values of our country in terms of quality, technology and design. Thanks to the MDC platform, the BTicino IT division realized, in complete autonomy, some applications dedicated to the salesforce and available for Samsung tablets. These solutions concern the BTicino catalogue of Mediatheque, the Collection of References / best Cases and the price benchmark survey.

  • Revello

    One of the leading suppliers for dentists. Full order process management via iPad: relevant info about the clients are available for the sales force i.e. orders status, promotional actions are on their hand and can be used in the best way. The improvements concern less time for order entry, less manual interventions, increase in agents' performances and increase of turnover, and finally an increase in Customer Satisfaction.

  • Danone

    The on-site inspectors thanks to MDC solutions can monitoring the stock with an highlight on the running promotions. The application allows to input the order quantity, the replaced ones or the honoured for each reference and the control of the out of stock.

  • Liquigas

    Liquigas company run MDC integrated to SAP CRM to collect CRM information in real time on the field and to fill contracts during the door2door acquisition. Thanks to the MDC the dealers by using their Smartphone and Tablet Samsung can have access to all the info coming from the CRM related to their customers. Customer signature, with legal value, can be taken during the selling process thanks to the digital Samsung pen which is MDC integrated.

  • Survey Group

    Survey Group is using the MDC platform for analytics purpose and to provide to its customers trade performances and competitive analysis. The flexibility of MDC allows Survey analysts to create tailored Apps for each customer. The switching to the smartphones instead of the rugged devices gave a big saving to the company.

  • Coty

    Coty promoters are using MDC solutions on their duty activities: they always have on the shop updated details regarding the product catalogues. They can collect sell-in and sell-out data as well. Getting real time sales information has shortened the time of analysis and investigation.

  • Continental

    Continental uses MDC for different scopes: Post-sales can send directly to the HQ the info collected by the dealers being paperless and making less mistakes. Greater efficiency has been achieved from Direct and Indirect sales network, in managing its customers' investment plans, speeding up each phase and approval processes.

  • Metro Italia

    Cash and Carry by Metro is the app for browsing the Horeca customers product mix, to build and share the shopping list, to receive update on the business agreement. Free wi-fi access feature in all METRO Points of Sale.

  • ILLVA - Amaretto di Saronno

    The app has been developed for the sales force automation of ILLVA Saronno Group. The enabled users can manage the clients’ appointments, orders collection and all the set of info to be transmitted to the HQ