Facility Management / Manutenzioni

Facility Management / Maintenance

Tasks management, working day scheduling, media contents support, resource management, worksheet filling in are some of the key developed functionalities available for maintainers and installers. Thanks to our smart development process and agility of MDC platform we can improve and speed up the working days performance, reducing costs and offering to our clients a better service. We have a very satisfied customers' base which took big advantage by using our solutions.

choosen by

  • Dussmann

    MDC installed on a smartphone to allow the cleanings' team to send in a real time the cleaning activities performed during the shifts (night/day) this will help Trenitalia to have an automatic data transmission for the final accounting. MDC is also used in some Hospitals to schedule and assign cleaning and maintenance activities.

  • Revello

    MDC runs on a Samsung tablet for the maintainers: they will fill in the worksheet in a real time, adding picture, clients' signature and reporting the used materials/components and mark the timesheet of the involved workers. The solution is integrated with Ravello IT system for the data import and export.

  • Rivoira

    The maintainers fill out the paper forms and collect the signature using a digital pen. Data, list of materials/components, signed paper forms will be transmitted in a real time to the Rivoira information system. MDC is also used for the centralized CRM for the sales force.

  • Compass Group

    MDC installed on the Samsung smartphones for the trains' cleaning staff to shorter communicate all the carried out activities during the different shifts. MDC automatically transmits the data to the information systems of Trenitalia for the final report to be notified at the end of the intervention.

  • DiaSorin

    MDC on the smartphone for the maintenance schedule and for the report filling, used materials reporting and georeferencing of the activity done by the technical staff in mobility on the ground.

  • Cuneo water supplier

    MDC for maintenance works. The carried-out activities are tracked on time, detailing the outcome of each intervention; the technical staff can also accurately communicate the start and end of their shifts and other similar information can be sent to the company's belonging unit.

  • Installo

    The customized project for Installo allows the technicians to easy manage, through smartphones, the onsite interventions: picking up stuff, floor delivery, installation, Raee collection. Scheduled appointments and tasks are available on the calendar app, fill in the worksheet, download technical documentation, receive technical and commercial news are other available features of the Installo solution. The app is integrated with exchanges Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • thyssenkrupp - App Virgil

    Thyssenkrupp Virgil app is used by high specialized team of maintainers for the real time maintenance or to manage the ordinary service, half yearly mandatory service or in case of emergency call. The provided solution for technician and supervisors offers the following functions:
    • Dynamic generation of agendas with the activities maintenance
    • Emergency calls sorting to technical teams and scheduling of related urgent activities
    • Control and management of the workload
    • Time and equipment accounting by technicians

    Virgil is completely integrated with the company management system


  • Tokheim service

    The Tokheim service app allows company’s' employee and subcontractors to perform equipment censuses at points of sale, to fill in risk assessment documents before carrying out interventions, to complete documentation and report on the activities at the point of sale, receive payment via POS (Italian).

  • Peroni Spinapp

    "Peroni Beer SpinApp Mobile" is the app for the activities management related to the Peroni group's Beer dispensing system. It manages the extraordinary and ordinary application, the tasks and the timesheet.