Public administration

Start/end of working day, documents approval, worksheet, signature with legal value, interventions management and B2C module for citizen, are some of the key features of our solutions dedicated to the Public Administration. Thanks to our speed of development and the agility of the MDC platform we can improve and help public bodies to reduce red tape, by increasing the efficiency and reducing the costs. Many people find big advantages in our applications.

Choosen by

  • A2A

    Thanks to MDC, the A2A maintainers dispatching tasks are always optimized from the beginning to the end. The maintainer can fill in the worksheet on his device and send the outcome in a real time.

  • Mincio land improvement association

    This firm takes care to the lands improvement and irrigation activities in competent areas. The maintenance teams report outcome through MDC, some belonging reports will be filled out to speed up the process and be more efficiently.


    Traffic agents using the smartphone to issue the fines. The infringement geolocation speeds up the report compilation which will be very accurate.


    MDC platform bundled with an iPad for the land monitoring and for the inspectors verification of the Consortium Coriassicurazione of the damaged insured properties . Inspectors can fill in the insurance policies forms directly on tablets and collect all the proof even with multiple georeferenced pictures.

  • Provincia di Roma

    MDC platform is used for the fines management. Traffic agents through the smartphone will issue fines if someone is breaking the roads’ rules. The geolocation speeds up the report compilation which will be very accurate.

  • ProActive

    "People on the Move" is a social app belonging to Proactive platform that allows you to be always update about the traffic and any other events in the area. The App will pick from different data sources and provides the latest geolocated info: alerts are published directly by the community users and integrated with additional third-party services and tweets to provide full an overview of the situation.

  • Volontari per Brescia

    The "Volontari per Brescia" app provides volunteers and their organizers with a useful tool to manage some special activities performed by some associations in the area.

    The volunteer can declare to take part to the event, can tell in a real time what's is going on and can add some media contents, report critical situations and communicate with their contacts, as well as provide feedback on their experience.

    The organizer monitors in a real time the activities of the volunteer (presence on locations, reports on logistics and security, useful communications, etc.).