Gulliver Campus inspired by Massimo Palumbo takes off in Brescia!

The goal of the Gulliver Campus is to share a training and a contamination path with us, our partners and our customers, to help each other to understand and concretely experience the "digital transformation".

Our Manuel Ponzoni is the colleague who takes care of organizing, growing, improving and renewing our "School".

Some initiatives and the first training days have already started within the Campus.

A first course is dedicated to the UI/UX Design approach in the mobile world: The two-day course features our Arianna Savi and Matteo Paletti as coaches: it is aimed at Gulliver software houses and customers who use MDC for the development of their mobile Apps.

Basic course for using MDC: Two days to know and understand the basic components of MDC, the "little bricks" to develop B2B applications without programming and being coding experts. The course is held by our Daniela Martinelli.

JavaScript course: Two days training, following the basic MDC course, to give more autonomy and the client logic to the Apps created with MDC. Knowledge of programming is required. The course features our @Manuel Ponzoni, supported by Michael Bertozzi.

Gulliver off-the-shelf solutions proposition and digital sales course: The leading roles of this course is held by our young Stefano Capoferri, Paolo Anzalotta, Giulio Venezia and Alessandra Vecchi and it’s mainly oriented to the Vodafone B2B agencies. This is a one-day course and it is preparatory to the most advanced courses.