Easy and smart app for managing and promoting your restaurants!

  • Always updated Menu
  • Centralized management
  • Dynamic management of contents
  • Statistics and status of orders always in evidence
  • Same app for different users
  • Plan promotion, event, push discount or special price

G-Food is the mobile App for the full management of restaurants.

  • The solution allows you to handle personalized menus, orders for the waiters and customers, products upload and download and all the components/ingredients from stock, to communicate news and new initiatives
  • Thanks to an intuitive Web console it is possible to manage products (loading and unloading), set the menu, restaurants and tables
  • Tablets placed on the tables will allow customers to consult menus and make orders directly to the kitchen
  • The waiters will have the chance to collect orders from their smartphones and receive from the kitchen the list of dishes to serve
  • The kitchen will directly display the orders to be prepared on the big screen or on a printer and will communicate with the waiters the list of ready-to-serve dishes
  • Through a web console can be managed sales, accounts, statistics, warehouse loading and unloading, price lists
  • The B2C module will allow customers to communicate directly with customers' smartphones news, promotions and special evenings, but above all to receive orders for "take away" and "home delivery"

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