Corporate Mobile App for reporting general risk and critical situations

  • Real time talking and chatting with the security team
  • Emergency and Service number for easy access
  • On demand geolocation monitoring
  • Iot integration
  • Reports from the team
  • Direct chat with the safety corporate board

G-safe is the solution for managing and communicate general risks and critical situations for all the employees

  • Thanks to G-Safe, the company can report potential risk situations in a safe, simple and flexible way to its employees and on the other side is able to receive generic danger and criticality information in a real time from its employees.
  • Employee can require the tracking features when he feels in a risky or danger situation or he is working in a secluded place, he will be constantly "tracked" by corporate security team.
  • One solution with a set of functionalities to guarantee timeliness and immediacy in reporting critical situations together with a powerful company chat.
  • The App is integrated with the IoT systems, some examples “Man on the Ground" app (BTLE bracelets with accelerometer) or the electronic turnstiles opening (BTLE Turnstiles).
  • Direct and rapid communications with company HQ and with the security team unit no rush to search for numbers, contacts, addresses.
  • Modular and customizable solution based on Gulliver's MDC platform.
  • The solution is for either iOS and Android smartphones and is supplemented by a web management console through which the company can exchange information.
  • Each employee can send multiple reports (theft, loss, accident, accesses and exits) these can be immediately managed by the company HQ.

Many available customized versions of the app are already in the store like Vodafone MySoc or Rivoira WeSafe

Casi di successo

Rivoira WeSafe

The customized application is used for tracking the employees in case of danger and to report thefts or incidents.

Vodafone MySoc

The customized application is used to manage any security alerts, branches access and theft or fire report.

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