The suite perfect for Smart Working and corporate HR

Smart working

In a single suite a powerful and immediate tool for Smart Working and Smart Collaboration. Company and colleagues and vice versa can stay in touch wherever they are, at any time.

From the simplest features such as declaring the beginning and end of work, to a powerful corporate reserved chat module, from sharing news and company information to a rich set of features for the integration and management of the daily work of the workforce with the company and vice versa.

Declaring the beginning and end of work in any place and time is immediate with the help of your smartphone and a simple tap. The position and geolocation of the activity can be automatically detected with the laws.

Thanks to Gulliver's IoT card, the automatic opening and closing of turnstiles with your smartphone can be activated by detecting all the data necessary for the compilation of payroll and salaries.

The compilation of the expense notes management is powerful, immediate, simple and easy to control. Receipts, receipts, payments are entered in a moment. A powerful company control tool, allows the immediate approval or reporting of anomalies or non-conformities even in real time. The economic return is very high. Refund of expenses is no longer a problem.

From your smartphone the request for extraordinary permits or communication of delays can be communicated in real time. In the same way, requesting leave and permits is immediate, following the approval cycle also through push notifications.

A powerful Timesheet tool can manage individual ordinary, extraordinary, scheduled activities and not, like all work orders in continuous mode and in real time. The counter can be activated in real time automatically or with the intervention of the individual worker.

The booking of desks, rooms, cars and company assets is in real time, it can be activated from a smartphone or totems and company tablets. It is possible to automatically activate the display of desk occupation by placing beacons on the desks themselves.

A powerful corporate chat, whose messages are encrypted that cannot be divulged and erased, allows the company and its entire staff to communicate in a confidential and secure manner in real time. The chat can be combined with AI features to make it even more powerful. The list of contacts and the address book is centralized and cannot be opened to others and disclosed.

The company communicates real-time corporate news that can be enriched with multimedia elements. Messages can be divided into categories such as urgent communication, administrative, fiscal, legal, playful and social.

From the web console:

  • Verification of all information for payroll and salary management
  • Work’s progress control
  • Approval of expenses and vacation requests
  • User management and deletion
  • Approval of leave and permits
  • Communication, corrections, confirmations to and from all workers
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Data analisys, graphs and dashboards for easy to read views

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