Ready-to-use App to manage and promote your restaurant

Restaurant mobile

Ready-to-use App to manage and promote your restaurant

The solution allows you to manage personalized menus, waiters and customers' orders, upload and download products and their warehouse components, communicate news and new initiatives.

Tablet on the tables will allow customers to consult menus and place orders directly at the kitchen.

The kitchen will display the orders to be prepared and processed directly on the big screen or on a small printer and will communicate the list of ready-to-serve dishes to the waiters.

The B2C module will allow news, promotions and special evenings to be communicated directly with customers' smartphones, but above all to receive orders for "take away" and "home delivery".

Thanks to an intuitive Web console it is possible to manage products (loading and downloading), the creation of menus, restaurants and tables.

Waiters will have the opportunity to collect orders from their smartphones and receive from the kitchen the list of dishes to be served.

A web console will manage sales, accounts, statistics, warehouse loading and unloading, price lists.

Thanks to the console area it is possible to manage the composition of the dishes, the price lists, the tables, the waiters, the kitchen. It is possible to view the orders of the individual tables, of the individual plates, of the daily collections of each restaurant. The console area allows you to manage messages and the social area. All the data related to the sale are intuitive and easy to consult, through simple reports with graphs and diagrams that are updated in real time.

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