G-safe is the solution to manage and communicate situations of risk and dangerous of any kind with colleagues and collaborators.


G-Safe is the solution for companies that want to offer their workforce a series of tools to be alerted in emergency situations and the necessary prudence and vice versa allowing workers to communicate real-time situations of danger to their company and request Help.

The company thanks to the APP G-Safe can signal potential risky situations to its employees in a safe, simple and flexible way and is able to receive requests for help, danger information and generic criticalities in real time directly from the smartphone.

In addition to the functionalities managed by the App, it is possible to activate a powerful multimedia company chat completely controlled by the company with a variety of automation and user management to communicate in a confidential, simple and immediate way between the company and the workforce, the workforce itself and vice versa.

Each employee can send via simple tap reportings of various kinds (theft, loss, accident, incidents and out of hours etc.), also accompanied by images and data, which will be immediately managed by the company headquarters.

The solution is for iOS and Android smartphones and is completed by a management console with which the company can communicate, inform and exchange information.

Functionality of constant tracking of the employee who, feeling in a situation of insecurity, threat or complete isolation, spontaneously and independently requires to be "tracked" constantly by the corporate control unit.

The App is integrated with the IoT world, as in the use of devices for Fall-to-Ground (BTLE bracelets with accelerometer) or the opening of electronic turnstiles (BTLE Turnstiles).

It is possible to manage in a controlled way the entry and exit from work environments in extraordinary days and times by monitoring the presence of the employee himself with the authorization of the services in charge of continuous assistance 24/24 7/7. The indoor location is also managed.

The solution is modular and customizable and was created thanks to Gulliver's MDC platform. It can also be integrated with wearable and image detection systems of employees themselves through face recognition.

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