G-HR Tech Suite

The super app that simplifies the relationship between company and employees.

Covid-19, smart working and hr management in a single app.

From our MDC and GOAL platforms, a complete and highly customizable hr solution is born that grows every year to meet the different business needs.

An integrated business suite, a “SUPER APP” that focuses on the use of your smartphone and combines various contingent themes, apparently even unrelated to each other, in a single application thus simplifying the various daily activities of the company and the worker (GDPR COMPLIANT).

Digital clock in & clock out
Two practical tasks to manage attendance in the company. On the one hand, the possibility of seeing in real time who is in the office, in smart working, on sick leave or on vacation; on the other hand, to check the start and end times of work.

Booking of assets and shared spaces
The task that allows the worker to book the interested company asset (desks, cars, meeting rooms, etc.), based on rules and intervals set by the company. With the Indoor Maps feature, it is possible to reach the booked asset via indoor navigation directly from the app.

Corporate communications, documents and questionnaires
A fast and effective channel for sending corporate communications, documents and questionnaires to their employees by sending real-time notifications on their smartphone. (GDPR Compliant).

Timesheet, management of activities and expense reports
Three tasks designed for more efficient planning of activities and related expense reimbursement; for the digitization of work reports; and for a timely verification of the progress.

Ppe management
The task allows the creation of the kit of protection devices (or work tools) with the certification of successful delivery by the worker himself via smartphone. A convenient warehouse function allows stock control and notification of reorder points

Social distancing
It ensures the maintenance of the minimum safety distance, thanks to solutions based on beacon (keychain or bracelet or smartphone) which with a sound or vibration warns that it is prudent to leave. This tool uses BLE technology and respects the privacy of users as it manages anonymized data.

Holidays & leave requests
The task that simplifies the holiday and leave request procedures and allows for adequate planning.

Guest access
The task dedicated to the management of external access thanks to which it is possible to register guests, mark the internal contact person, request emails and data, verify the correct scanning of the green pass.

Covid check
The GDPR compliant functionality to scan and optimize the control of the green pass in the company, thanks to which the worker can scan their green pass independently and the person in charge of administration checks the list of users who have carried out the verification.

Training courses
The task dedicated to the creation and administration of training courses with different editions, duration and types. The courses can be uploaded via PDF or via link and delivered to different categories of users.

Thermoscanner directly connected to the suite by operator or with automated insertion.

Uomo a terra
The solution that detects the fast accelerations given by a possible fall and sends an alarm to the administration in case of emergency inside and outside the factory.

From the web console:

  • View the attendance register (who is work remotely, who in the office, who is on sick leave or vacation).
  • Manage and configure the assets that can be booked by users.
  • Configure the kits to be assigned to employees and check the warehouse progress of work and activities.
  • Manage and approve expense report.
  • Configure your client database.
  • Configure users and different groups / departments / offices.
  • View and take care of reports from collaborators.
  • Approve or refuse holidays and leave.
  • Send company communications, questionnaires and documents to individual users, to different groups or all workers.
  • Create daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Analyse data with graphs and dashboards for easy-to-read views and more
    and much more!

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