Innovation is at home in Gulliver

Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Blockchain integrated into the MDC platform and combined with the Agile methodology and daily Meetups, make our environment stimulating.


Our IoT laboratory

We have designed and created our own IoT Card, directly connected to our MDC platform. In this way we can manage and drive external peripherals and receive data from sensors of all types.

Some examples?

Ophelia, thanks to the App made with MDC and our IoT card, connected to pump, we can prepare Spritz with Aperol and Campari directly from our smartphone.

The bar of our parking lot, which, thanks to our Company App, for our Timesheets, holidays and leaves, combined with our IoT card opens and closes when we pass.

Beacon technology: we have developed wearable sensors, for immediate relief in work accidents, and indoor positioning mechanisms, to locate patients inside the hospital in the operating block.


We want to give added value to our projects, such as tracking wine delivery with our start-up Winex, and giving added security to our Apps integrated with payment systems, especially for the successful delivery.

Registry immutability, transaction traceability and security based on cryptographic techniques: together with two market leaders and within IOBO network, we are studying how to best exploit the BlockChain in the Agrifood and payments sectors.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence combined with our MDC platform for both image recognition, damaged barcodes and routes optimization is opening up new horizons for us.

Giulia Baccarin with us in IOBO network, a great expert in AI systems, is helping us to build new features and new approaches.

The Agile Method

We work in Agile mode, from the first approach with the customer to the final product.

In our work groups all are protagonists and we arrive at the solution through finishing cycles, called “Sprints”.

Our daily work tools are boards and post-it, which help all of us and our customers to put ideas in order and to visualize the individual stages of development, in a process of continuous improvement.

Our windows’ glasses  and partitions are the proof of this: colored and covered by our post-it.

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