Gulliver Orchestrator & Application Layer

IT Platform

The ecosystem, that includes all the solution of Gulliver, is now a platform available for all the companies that need to integrate, manage and coordinate the complex multichannel of the IT world with a higher number of data in a powerful and centralized way.

A complete and powerful tool to manage all the business services!

What is G-OAL

G-OAL born from the internal need of Gulliver to manage complete projects, mixed sources data, with simple and immediate services available for all to maintain an high productivity, the control and focus of processes and data, putting general purpose services and metrics as common factor, deleting errors and with the possibility to create new tailored services.

The omnichannel for all!

In the first projects with MDC (Multichannel Data Core) the exchange of data happened among smartphones, the cloud area and the integration with third parties ERP.

Now, the sources are more often different (IoT, AI, BI, ERP system) and the quantity of data and the speedy of processing requested is even more complex to be handled.

G-OAL optimized storage

G-OAL relies on gStorage to provide an optimized storage that implements the memorization and the back up of data abstracting from the memorization medium.

GStorage expresses simple interfaces to type/read data on an application layer, implemented in native method to be extremely optimized neither in terms of performances, or regarding the usage of system resources.

Technical Overview




Always up to date

Easy to use

Easy to integrate

Cloud friendly

GDPR Compliant

Secure, scalable, robust

gStorage Tech Sheet


Data Encryption “at Rest”

Data Compression

Multi Model




Horizontal Scalability

Hot Topics


Big Data

Analysis & predictions


Object recognition




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