Transport and logistics

Transport and logistics

Deliveries list management, on-the-road monitoring, barcode scanning, truck checklist and dematerialization of documents are some of the key functionalities of our solutions developed for the logistics and transportation sector. Highly referenced in a constantly growing market and with different issues to manage, many companies have chosen our MDC platform to optimize their business processes and take big advantages by using our applications.

Choosen by

  • Arcese

    A customized Arcese app has been developed and published on the stores. The app is for the exclusive use of Arcese’ employees.

  • DHL Supply Chain

    Gulliver has developed a dedicated solution for managing the deliveries process. The fleet can declare in real time the delivery status to the company and everything is under monitoring.

  • Eurodifarm

    Distribution logistics leader of pharmaceutical and biomedical products. The Mobile Track application developed with MDC runs on Android-based smartphones. It allows you to track in a real time the whole logistics cycle of the medicines. Shipments are identified by QRcode reading on the printed waybill: the application is integrated with the Eurodifarm server to update in a real time the status of shipments and get an immediate traceability.

  • Comifar

    Leading company of pharmaceutical distribution, Comifar provide its fleet with a smartphone device fitted with a shell for Koamtac laser reader, for an efficient scanning of barcodes.  MDC will manage the activities trip, the record related to the delivery or collected package and automatically will be collected date, time and place of the operation.

  • Bergamo ATB

    The ATB information system allows you to receive in a real time the acquired fines through a Samsung Tablet with MDC app installed. Thanks to this solution ATB is saving money and data entry error is drastically decreased.

  • Pegaso Logistics

    Orders, returns and deliveries with MDC and smartphone/tablet instead of the obsolete rugged devices for the Bonduelle fresh products delivery. The App allows the delivery guys to enter the requested quantities of fresh product and send the order in a real time, to enter any returns and track the trips

  • Esseci

    One of the biggest players of the logistic and national transportation field, which provides also additional services to its customers. Delivery reports and pick up report are fully integrated with the company system. App for technical assistance during the installation, control, maintenance and repair activities carried out by the team. The integration with the Esseci’s system guarantees a remarkable efficiency during the delivery process.