Yesterday the network of enterprises IOBO was officially presented to the Press and the city of Brescia. We are proud to be part of this new prestigious and innovative initiative, that sees Gulliver as protagonist with Fasternet, Gothamsiti, Mipu e Zerouno.

When atoms with different electronegtivity meet, they form an ionic link, an ionic bond. In this union, the ions involved leave and acquire some electrons to stabilize themselves and to create a new molecule.

The name “IOBO” is a clear reference to the “IONIC BOND” and to his ability to collect different elements in order to transform the reality. The network of enterprises IOBO follows obviously the same principle: 5 realities of Brescia, very different within each others, join together and make available their strenght and their competences to develop and create something completly new.

Today “Giornale di Brescia”, “Bresciaoggi” and “Il Corriere” have given an huge space to the initiative and to the exhibition that have presented the essence of the network: dancers that, complementary within each others, come together in a rhythmic and engaging dance. A new way to represent the technology!