Communicate with your employees in a trusted and confidential way

  • Trusted and encrypted chat
  • One to one chats and group chat
  • Add attachments (photos and videos)
  • Chat administration and administrative web console

G-chat is the Gulliver’s mobile solution for managing corporate conversations in a safe and confidential manner.

  • Sent messages can be double checked and eventually can be deleted
  • Sent messages cannot be shared to other apps/chats
  • Disable "forward message" to the other apps
  • Disable copy and paste from smartphone
  • Disable copy and paste on the WEB
  • Disable take screenshot functionality
  • G-chat solution is compatible with all G-Gulliver apps (ie G-Safe, G-workforce)


Chatbot: Besides this for G-Chat chatbot functionality is available. artificially intelligent chatbot can be reproduced as an rational behaviours to give answers and make decision based on human beings interaction, on the context interpretation or on the recognition of physical elements

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G-Chat is Gulliver's solution that allows Gulliver technicians to communicate, exchange, documents and images in real time in a confidential and safe way. only authorized users can use the app and they are centrally managed from the MDC web console. No content sharing is allowed if it is configured to be safe and exclusive.

Rivoira WeMessenger

This is a solution to promptly intervene in case of incidents reporting, thefts and damage and for the real-time management of risky or emergency situations.

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