New feature! Open and close turnstiles and man on the ground with Gulliver IoT

The Mobile suite for smart workers and HR available on your smartphone, open/close turnstiles feature and beacon on the desk for the indoor positioning

  • Virtual Badge (Geolocated)
  • Timesheet management with Splitted working timing according to the task
  • Expense Report zero error on reporting data
  • Corporate news Directly on the app to be always updated
  • Smart requests for holidays and on leave
  • Customized contact list (biz&pvt separeted), corporate chat
  • Booking of meeting room, car or company tools

G-Hr is the complete solution for Smart Working and HR to which can be added the IoT components.​

  • The solution is all about the smartphone which is omnipresent in our life and allows pleople and workers to perform infinite functions.

  • The worker can fill out the expenses report in any place and any time either for small expenses or large amounts.

  • The smartphone will be a convenient badge. Start and end work, breaks and the timesheet can also be completed everywhere ie in the office, on the construction sites in the garage.

  • Timesheet filling directly on site

  • Thanks to Gulliver's IoT proprietary card turnstiles can be opened and closed with a smartphone, data and time will be recorded without swipe the badge.

  • Company chat can be enabled for safe and trusted comunication to the sales or company, in compliance with the new GDPR regulations.

  • Reading and consulting of company news, immediate access to the address book and contacts.

  • Requesting holidays and on leave permits becomes an extremely simple operation and can be done anywhere and at any time.

Web console for real-time data management sent by mobile users.

Casi di successo


La soluzione viene utilizzata dall'azienda per l'approvazione delle fatture del ciclo passivo e del timesheet dell’intero team di lavoro.


La soluzione viene utilizzata da dipendenti e collaboratori per la gestione della nota spese.

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