The most Italian pervasive application for mobile devices dedicated to the transportation and delivery market

  • Delivery schedule list, trips management
  • Proof of delivery (Client signature)
  • Delivery details (Navigator integrated)
  • Delivery package picture
  • Delivery outcome tracking
  • Online/offline - IoT integrated

G-Transport is the Italian most common application, smartphone and tablet compatible, for the transportation sector​

  • The solution's aim is to check every time the status, the delivery and pick up arrangement in an easy and smart procedure thanks to the native apps available for smartphones, rugged devices and tablets.
  • Many custom versions of this app are already available on the stores like Ceva, Arcese, Bartolini, Number One, Installo, Italtrans, Zust e Ambrosetti, Dhl, Comifar.
  • It is integrated with the most widespread TMS but it works even as a stand-alone app.
  • Reading of bar code, QR-Code and NFC can be performed through the phone camera or with ad hoc tool like the Koamtac's reader.
  • Hassle free Device: the drivers can use the corporate one or their mobile.
  • It is a multi-platform solution and works even in out of coverage.
  • It operates with the most common cartography systems.
  • the app is made by Gulliver MDC.
  • It is modular and customizable.

Casi di successo

Number 1

Number1 decided to give the app to its fleet to share everywhere and anytime all the relevant info related to the management of the "on the go activities" (freight transport, delivery to points of sale): meticulous info about trip and deliveries, stop over and itineraries (Google Maps integrated) and delivery notification.


Thanks to the app the Italian Ceva Logistic fleet is able to manage all the deliveries trip and will give all the deliveries info.

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