The Special tool to manage the on the go workers, in Italy and abroad!

  • Paperless, worksheet and signature collecting
  • Expense management
  • Organization and final statement of off-site activities
  • Virtual Badge/timesheet
  • Online/offline
  • Easy management of the operational activities

G-Workforce is the solution for mobile workers in Italy and abroad.​

  • To perform lot of functions and go paperless, G-workforce adopt the most present object in our homes and in our work environments: The Smartphone.
  • The mobile worker can fill out the expenses report whenever and wherever he is, small expenses or substantial amounts, and directly at the time of the expense.
  • The smartphone will be the virtual badge. Start and end of working day, breaks and timesheets can be declared anywhere and at any time.
  • The working paper and the work reports will be collected directly by the smartphone together with the signature and the payments.
  • Holidays and permits requests can be done anywhere and at any time.
  • Timesheet filling directly on site
  • Read and consult company news and contacts.
  • Activate secure and trusted corporate chat in compliance with the GDPR regulations.
  • The web console will help to organize the workers' activities, check their work, collect working reports, timesheets, manage expense reimbursements, grant on leave permits

A customized version of G-workforce is available on the store it is realized for thyssenkrupp workforce for the maintenance of elevators and mobile escalators

Casi di successo


The workforce solution is used by peroni employees and third parties for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the beer dispensing system.


The solution is used for the real time reporting of ordinary- extraordinary or half yearly maintenance activities to the elevators and mobile escalators.

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