Digitize your catalogue, attach technical sheets and price lists, fill out orders and quote.

  • No more paper on the go!
  • Corporate digital catalogues portfolio always available
  • Products, price list, clients
  • Online/offline
  • Real time quotations and PO
  • Historical Customer data

G-sales is the full set solution for the Italian and abroad sales force

  • This solution gives an infinite set of functionalities to the salesforce to be paperless using tablet and smartphone.
  • Smartphone and tablet will become a convenient work tool to be used with the clients in any place and any time.
  • Corporate catalogue, cards and promotions will be displayed directly on the mobile devices
  • The sales force can fill out quotes, orders, campaigns, consult product sheets, view stocks and products availability.
  • Customer data records, historical visits, payments and collections will no longer be a problem.
  • Read and consult company news, contacts and corporate contacts
  • Trusted and protected corporate chat, can be activated, in compliance with the GDPR regulations.
  • Thanks to the web console company can manage the sales activities, verify sellers’ performance, collect orders and quote, manage discounts for promotions and money collections, manage catalogues and presentations.

Some custom versions are already present on the stores like the one developed for the Enervit workforce for the catalogue management, promotions and orders with Ipad or for the CRM of the Liquigas sales who accept and sign the contracts with a legal graphometric signature directly on the Samsung Tablet.

Casi di successo


The solution is used to manage the catalogue and to collect orders in a quicker and efficient way.


The solution is used for the catalogue management, products, promotions and orders directly on the tablet.

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