Innovation Company dal 2000

Gulliver the Italian software house born in 2000 and based in Brescia

Starting from 2000 Gulliver develops mobile apps and delivers projects. Gulliver grew up in Italy and abroad developing, during the years, any type of mobile solutions, B2B, B2C, B2B2C and recently IoT integrated solutions.


Gulliver has the Italian primacy to own a developing platform: MDC.

MDC is technology, mobile strategy, concreteness, scalability, innovation, and autonomy apps development


Take a look at the numbers that testify the power of Gulliver: more than 350 companies, more than 1500 small enterprises, more than 500.000 users, more than 8.000 international users, more than 200.000 workers have chosen Gulliver as their smart mobile solution provider.


Vodafone, Microsoft, Samsung are already selling Gulliver’s solution and Gulliver’s apps are available in their sales portfolio and in their stores.


Gulliver has international partners and an office in Rome and Dubai. The headquarter is in Brescia with more than 50 employees.



Agile and MDC. The perfect wedding.

Starting from 2015 Gulliver decided to apply the Agile methodology in projects: during the development phase and during the solutions ideation. In the client’s approach (potential and new), in the training and comparison phase with Partners and Universities and for the projects realization.

Thanks to the MDC smart development process and MDC quick prototyping together with the Agile methodology, Gulliver can make ideas and projects as real in a shorter time

About this Gulliver sets up the “Agile day”: the clients will be invited to attend the sessions in Brescia and some professionals/experts will be involved. Requirements, solutions’ features, prototype will come up in a real time and directly on the fields.

The agenda of the day follows a well-defined and consolidated scheme, which has already demonstrated its effectiveness and which, in the Agile methodology, can in any case be adapted, from time to time, to achieve the objectives set; First of all, it starts from " clarify ideas " into the rapid development of the "prototype or the App itself".

Regarding the methodology it will be used the 3-base boards of the Agile approach: Vision Board, Business Model Canvass, Product Canvass and the full coloured post-it notes which are suitable to show in easy way where you are going.

For the execution phase MDC and the coach will play a fundamental role together with the right interlocutors (PM, Graphic designers, developers, customers’ interlocutors). Teamwork, respect of the due dates and results make this approach constructive, concrete and rewarding.

This organization of the process, appropriately adapted, works even for the internal projects or when the final client is the app and the projects themselves of Gulliver.

In these years we have reached many successful stories with very happy clients such as Vodafone, Universities Public Administrations (ANCI).

Our Offer


    Ready to use solutions for Logistic and Transportation, Sales Force, Maintenance, HR, Security management, Event management, Food&Beverage (restaurant-branches – home delivery – mobility cashier)

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    MDC is our Italian own platform to develop mobile solution/project such as SaaS, PaaS and on Premises hosting. MDC is the core of Gullivers’ vision and is the foundation of our “big projects” and off the shelf solutions as well. Our growth and our international rewards are due, without any doubt, to the MDC.

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    Thanks to the Agile methodology we can set up brainstorming days to help either big companies and software houses to find their mobile strategy. The agile methodology is not the only way to helping our clients out we are supported by relevant Universities and specialized consultants for ad hoc proposal and dedicated hackday.

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    Gulliver develops tailored projects as custom apps to fit all the clients needs. B2B and B2C solutions with moreover the chance to have IoT components.

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  • IoT

    Gulliver owns an IoT module fully integrated with MDC

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    Gulliver has an its own software houses channel and Telco which are using MDC platform to develop apps for themselves

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