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Our solutions

Our off the shelf Apps, 8 ready to use solutions Transporters, Maintainers, Sellers, Restaurants, HR and Events.

Our solutions

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Mdc platform

Our platform for creating web projects and native Apps without being developers.

Mdc platform

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G-HR Tech Suite

The new complete solution for companies' re-opening and not only

G-HR Tech Suite

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Our customers

More than 350 big enterprises use our solutions every day.

Our customers

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Our reality

Innovation combined with concreteness, passion and attention to the person. These are the three pillars of Gulliver, a dynamic and creative software house based in Brescia and offices in Dubai.

We are specialized in mobile projects development, custom and off-the-shelf projects, with particular attention to the IoT, AI and Blockchain thanks to our MDC platform, the main source of our projects, which guarantee us scalability, method and a continuous growth.




Big customers



Agile is at home in Gulliver since 2015!

We work in Agile mode, from the first approach with the client to the organization of the work, up to the tests and the release. The focus is on, deadlines and investments.

We are organized in working groups coordinated among them, in which we are all protagonists.

The product is not made with a single process, but through a series of cycles (called “Sprints”), which on the one hand add new functions, on the other they refine the existing ones.

Our daily work tools are boards and post-it, which help all of us and our customers to put ideas in order and to see the single development stages: from concept to design, development, release, testing … all in a process of continuous improvement.

Our windows’ glasses and partitions are the proof of this: colored and covered by our post-it!

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Vodafone Business
With Vodafone since 2005


Solutions in VF pricelist


Big enterprises and custom projects


S.m.e. with our Apps

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Latest news

GULLIVER • 19 January 2022

January 12, 2022: Gulliver officially took off in Luxembourg too!

GULLIVER • 20 December 2021

HR One talks about our HR suite also in Europe

GULLIVER • 17 December 2021

Gulliver, Europe and Luxembourg: Italian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

GULLIVER • 2 December 2021

2-3 december

Our B2B start-up program

We support the ideas of managers and companies
Objective: earnings within 3 years
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