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Our platforms

MDC-X and G-OAL technologies were born as platforms for the realization of complete professional solutions.

Our platforms

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G-HR Tech Suite

The super app in the hands of the worker that facilitates and optimizes the daily activities of administration and employees.

G-HR Tech Suite

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The most widely used software solution for smartphones and tablets dedicated to the world of transportation in Italy.


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Our customers

More than 350 big enterprises use our solutions every day.

Our customers

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Our reality

Innovation combined with concreteness, passion and attention to the person. These are the three pillars of Gulliver, a dynamic and creative software house based in Brescia and offices in Dubai.

We are specialized in mobile projects development, custom and off-the-shelf projects, with particular attention to the IoT, AI and Blockchain thanks to our MDC platform, the main source of our projects, which guarantee us scalability, method and a continuous growth.




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Vision and soul

In Gulliver we are innovators, we are dreamers, we are nerds — and we are friends!

Colorful vision boards, post-it notes on the windows, music and paintings on the walls: it may not be what we are, but it is certainly what sets us apart, along with our 20 years of experience and inexhaustible enthusiasm.

Since 2000, we have specialized in the development of apps and ready-to-use mobile solutions to serve the business and b2c market, and thanks to a constant updating of our technological know-how, we have then long since moved beyond the concept of a web/mobile application provider, to advise and accompany the client 360 degrees in their digitization journey.

G-OAL and MDC-X stand at the foundation of our technology strategy: respectively our data orchestrator and innovative proprietary platform for developing native applications, on which rest our already leading digital solutions in Italy: G-HR, G-Transport and G-Sales.




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Vodafone Business
With Vodafone since 2005


Solutions in VF pricelist


Big enterprises and custom projects


S.m.e. with our Apps

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Our B2B start-up program

Gulliver focuses on young talent and entrepreneurial stimuli from the market, supporting its internal teams, clients and collaborators through Open Innovation activities and creative workshops.

Over the years, the most promising ideas have been selected by a Steering Committee and accompanied through an incubation process, which has resulted in several startups in the Logistics, Ho.Re.Ca, Sports, Digital and Agrifood sectors.