MDC Software House channel

Our partners use MDC to integrate their management systems

with B2B, B2C and IoT Apps.


At Gulliver we believe in the power of synergy, it is the reason why we put our experience and our technological skills at the service of the companies operating in the software world. We have created a division dedicated to ISVs and software houses that use MDC for the professional development of native Mobile Apps.


The channel offers:

Development platform

MDC is the Gulliver platform, used throughout Italy and abroad, which over the years has created cross-device apps used by millions of users every day. Apps created with MDC are native, quick and easy to implement and can be constantly updated without needing to be a programmer;

Gulliver Campus

Gulliver Campus allows our partners to be constantly updated on the evolutions of the platform and to learn how to insert new features within the App;

Agile support

For the realization of the App through the MDC platform our partners will be introduced to the Agile method, the way in which in Gulliver we realize projects and solutions for our customers;


The documentation portal is the collection point for all the information necessary for the development of the App through MDC. Here you will find technical documentation to support development including API definition, tutorial, example code …

Personalized mobile app

Each partner has its own version of MDC customized on the official stores and therefore an own icon, set of colours and descriptions. In this way it can realize all its Apps with the MDC platform, but maintaining its own identity in front of the customers.

Partners using MDC for Mobile development

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