Gulliver grows… 2023 is waiting for us!

Terme di Sirmione S.p.a. – Hotel Acquaviva del Garda
24-25 January
Gulliver grows… 2023 is waiting for us!

Two days in the beautiful location of Garda Lake to talk to each other, get better organised, plan the new year, share strategies and special projects:

🙌 7 new very young colleagues (Generation Z) who, after 4 months of Academy Coding and iPaas Gulliver, will join us from the 1st of February with 2 more new PMs: Federica and Alessandro.

🪐 G-OAL , our iPaaS, is increasingly integrated with MDC-X, and the two platforms together form the basis of our standard solutions and custom projects.

✈️ Luxembourg, our project with the University was officially approved (transport, AI, CO2 footprint…), 6 colleagues in the new offices on Tomorrow Street, the collaboration with LuxTrust S.A. to enhance our HR solution and Crossborders;

💡 Iobo , our growing business network, the ‚Innovation Citadel‘ project for Brescia – in which we believe a lot – and thanks to Massimo inspiring our Academy, our desire to innovate and share.


Two days of intense work but just as much fun, because with such a low average age, cheerfulness is ’native‘. To quote G. Bernard Shaw quoted by Giancarlo Turati before dinner:
Some men see things as they are and say „why?“. I dream things that never were and say „why not?“. Even in Gulliver we follow the „why not?“

Come on young people, the future is ours!