ICT Spring, Global tech conference

Friday, 26 June 2023

We are extremely proud of our exceptional colleagues who are attending ICT Spring in Luxembourg! It is an exciting time for us as we bring our technology and solutions to Europe, aiming to showcase the incredible capabilities of Gulliver and the companies within our IOBO business network to the world.

During this significant event, we have the honor of presenting our solutions, all integrated into our G-oal iPaaS, alongside several network companies. Joining us at our stands will be Infinity ID, specializing in RFID technology and warehousing; IPRE, a leader in Computer Vision; MIPU, with its own Artificial Intelligence platform, Rebecca; Scailing Parrots, a leader in Blockchain technology; and finally, SCAO, with its solutions for enterprise MES and automation control in the manufacturing world.

Join us and discover how our IOBO business network can help transform the way companies operate and thrive. It’s time to embrace the future with confidence and determination!


📅  June 29-30, 2023
🇱🇺  Luxembourg

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