The most widespread mobile app for Transports in Italy

Mobile transport

The most widespread mobile app for Transports in Italy.

Goal of the solution is to verify in real time the outcome and organization of deliveries and collections, thanks to the use of simple, practical and innovative native Apps for Smartphones, Rugged devices and Tablets.

It can be integrated with the most common TMS systems currently on the market, but can work in a completely autonomous mode.

Drivers can use the company device or but also their personal phone.

It works with the most common cartographic systems.

It’s customizable.

On the stores there are many customized versions, such as those of Ceva, Arcese, Bartolini, Number1, Installo, Italtrans, Zust and Ambrosetti, Dhl, Comifar.

The reading of bar codes, QR codes and NFC can be carried out via the telephone camera or with ad hoc equipment such as Koamtac readers.

The solution is crossplatform and it can work even off-line.

The solution has been realized thanks to Gulliver’s MDC platform.

Thanks to the web console, it is possible to plan and monitor the missions of the single vehicles and fleets. You can view the real-time position of your fleet through cartography. The consultation of proofs of delivery is immediate and intuitive. Data relating to individual missions and drivers can be verified in real time or logged.

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