The complete solution to manage the workforce, work on orders, technical interventions, commercial visits to customers … and much more!

Workforce mobility

Coordinating the activities of personnel, especially when operating outside the company walls, is a critical activity for the success of a company and that’s why we have developed a specific solution. G-Workforce is in fact the perfect solution to better plan different types of activities, as well as for many other aspects related to workforce management.

Everything with the smartphone! Reducing or even eliminating paper from many business processes is now possible thanks to G-Workforce.

Planning Thanks to G-Workforce, you can plan ordinary or extraordinary maintenance activities and other technical intervention activities at your customers', or you can easily manage the customer visits agenda of your sales, etc.

Intervention reports. Thanks to G-Workforce, the off-site technician can consult the agenda directly on his smartphone and can execute it. The App also generates the intervention report in PDF format, allowing the customer's contact person to sign it.

Activity progress Thanks to the G-Workforce web console, the company backoffice can verify the progress of the activities in real time and intervene promptly in case of need.

Timesheet. This task allows the worker to track the working time spent for each open order. The company backoffice can verify in real time the man-hours summary by job order.

Clocking In Thanks to this function, it is possible to use G-Workforce as a solution to record daily the start and end events of the employees' work, thus dismantling the traditional and less practical badge.

Expenses Finally a paperless and smart management of the expense note for your company! Employees will be able to record expenses and receipts with the G-Workforce app and a common smartphone, allowing them to verify the approval and refund process! The company backoffice, from the G-Workforce web console, has complete control over the refund requests.

GDPR. G-Workforce embraces the directives of the Regulation on data protection, which became effective in May 2018.

The G-Workforce web console is a useful tool available to the company backoffice to perform multiple tasks: managing customer records and related address book, activity planning, checking the progress of activities, order management and time consultation work spent on orders, management of employee colcking in and out, management of expense refund requests, etc. Easy-to-understand graphs facilitate the consultation of summary data relating to the different processes.

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