Chat with your employees safely

Chat aziendale

With G-chat, Chatbots can be built to artificially reproduce an intelligence and take “rational” behaviors, give answers and make decisions based on interaction with human beings, the interpretation of the context or the recognition of physical elements.

It allows the company to constantly keep the data under control.

Chat restricted only to employees of the organization who can be organized in groups.

Sent messages may not be shared with other applications or other chats.

Disable copy and paste of messages from mobile phone.

Disable Screenshot.

The solution can be in the cloud or on premises.

Sent messages can be checked and eventually deleted.

Disable message forwarding to other apps.

Disable copy and paste on the Web.

The G-chat solution can be integrated with all Gulliver solutions from MDC to off the shelf solutions such as G-safe or G-workoforce ecc.

It allows the management of individual users, their cancellation and revision of policies. For each you can identify your favourite contacts. It is possible to manage user groups.

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