Our business network with leaders from the IT world, to give 360-degree answers to our customers.

Iobo is our concrete way of networking and doing business in Brescia.

Iobo is in fact the first business network in Lombardy that wants to carry companies in the digitalization process, applying 4.0 to precision agriculture, artificial intelligence, machine learning and many other sectors.

Gulliver is part of it together with FasterNet, SCAO, Be2net, RJ45 and IPRE. Thanks to the combination of the skills of all the network partners, the customer enjoys a 360 ° support: digital communication, artificial intelligence, digital networks, cyber security and cloud.

Together we will organize new solutions, products and training courses.

The name Iobo comes from the ionic bond, the IOnic BOnd: as in it, different elements come together to transform reality and create something unique.

For more information visit the Iobo site.

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