Gulliver Academy, 2° edition

On 2 May, the second edition of our Academy will start, registration is already open.

The results of the first edition?
7 young colleagues, generation Z, have joined our family.
As planned, after 3 months of Academy – two months to bring everyone up to the same basic knowledge and one month to programme and use our iPaaS G-OAL – Vanessa, Paolo, Luca, Giovanni, Alessandro, Claudio and Fabio joined our development teams.

This Academy has been a good opportunity, an experience that already in May, Gabriele, the acclaimed tutor, will reorganise and improve with a new programme. A course that, under the advice of the 7 new colleagues, will focus on our iPaaS G-OAL from the beginning.

The Academy involved not only new potential developers for Gulliver, but also united and trained 5 resources of our customers who have G-OAL in use. This made the Academy more concrete and based on real business needs.

Come on! Gulliver continues to hire developers and project managers.
We have expanded our offices to make space for the recruits and taken bigger classrooms to better accommodate an Academy of 20 new ‘pre-developers’, 10 of whom will be resources of our customers who rely on our iPaaS G-OAL.

🔜 Registration for the second edition is already open.
The course will run until 31 July. We are available to give you all the information about the course programme and the reimbursement of expenses that Gulliver offers. On successfully passing the Academy, an employment contract and recruitment will be automatically triggered.
Write to us soon, it will start on 2 May.