Road to Gulliver 2024

70 colleagues, together for two days of team building, full of enthusiasm and drive.

These were days of stimulating discussions and sharing, during which we addressed the topic of business growth and expansion. Nine startups were presented, ranging from home automation to medical, from transportation to wine, showing the breadth of our ambitions and future plans.

In addition, we were privileged to witness an exciting surprise! Two of our brilliant colleagues, both very young, 22 and 26 years old, respectively, presented a world premiere of our product Gulliverse: an enterprise media library, in iOS and MacOS app version. Even more exciting was the preview of the dedicated version of Apple’s brand new Vision Pro, just launched in the U.S. just on February 2, in conjunction with our convention.

After a celebratory opening party with an aperitif hosted by our startup Aperitif, and a dinner of merriment and sharing, we gathered to delve into issues crucial to our future success.

These two intense and enriching days provided a unique opportunity to strengthen our ties, share visions and plans, and lay the foundation for an even brighter future for Gulliver.

We intend to foster integration and innovation through new hires and perspectives. Welcoming new talent and new ideas is vital to keeping our creativity and business vitality alive.

We continue to grow, innovate and inspire. We are ready for the challenges ahead!