Our Academy

In this last year we have structured an Academy inspired by our colleague Massimo Palumbo, a great innovator, attentive to the transfer of experience and know-how.

Gulliver Academy is a reality for multi-directional training: our campus is modulated on courses with different degrees of specialization, of different duration, some completely free and others for a fee.

At the end of each course we issue a diploma and a certificate of attendance.

Training is essential for us. We have identified in our Manuel Ponzoni the coordinator of all the courses and the study-and-practice program, Manuel is “our magnificent rector”.

To learn more, write to us, we will be happy to help you.

Who is our Academy for?

For the colleagues and the Vodafone Agencies

For us and for our training

For our clients that want to develop their own App with MDC

For software houses that use our MDC platform

For new colleagues and the next to be

For schools, universities, students on stage

For whom uses the Agile methodology in their development and approach to the client

For companies who want to start a digital path

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