The leading technologies MDC-X and G-OAL were born as platforms for the realization of complete professional solutions, making mobile applications natively compatible with different operating systems and integrable on different IT systems and third technologies.

G-OAL: Gulliver Orchestrator & Application Layer

Technological excellence and digital strategy come together in G-OAL, a powerful back-end orchestration tool that Gulliver shares with its customers, to guarantee maximum quality of service over time and great customization capacity.

The growing complexity and multi-channel nature of IT projects is made accessible to all thanks to a modular platform for the configuration, coordination, measurement, analysis, monitoring and automatic activation of services, applications and infrastructures, reporting to the customer the full control of the data and the scalability of the project.

By effectively abstracting the architectural component of IT projects, G-OAL allows the customer immediacy and maximum integration of IoT devices, AI technologies, Blockchain and third-party data sources, becoming a solid technological basis for each digital strategy aimed at growth and flexibility.

MDC-X: Multichannel Data Core

MDC-X is Gulliver’s innovative platform for building successful applications.

Speed, reliability, scalability and the highest quality standards are the values ​​that allow our customers to have web and mobile applications immediately usable on different devices, easily integrated with new multimedia contents and constantly updated to the new technological standards of the market.

It not only accompanies the customer in prototyping the app by reducing time-to-market, but also supports development needs throughout the entire life cycle of the application, in a quality path.

Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Blockchain are some of the digital trends that Gulliver promotes through its platforms and participation in a rich ecosystem of partnerships.

REBECCA: The Artificial Intelligence Platform

Gulliver strongly believes that corporate decisions must be increasingly data-driven and oriented towards production efficiency and sustainability.

Rebecca was born from this strategy, the tool for the development of Artificial Intelligence algorithms and the use of general purpose algorithms. Several applications have already found positive feedback in the world of transport logistics and manufacturing industry.

To ensure customer excellence in terms of Artificial Intelligence, Gulliver also makes use of prestigious collaborations with the academic environment and with research centers.


Gulliver is able to respond to various process certification needs using Blockchain technology and has become the bearer of ambitious projects in the logistics and agrifood fields, in which immutability of the register, traceability of transactions and security based on cryptographic techniques have constituted further added value. .

IoT and sensors

Directly connected to the G-OAL platform, Gulliver provides its own IoT board, thanks to which it has the ability to drive external peripherals and receive data from various sensors.

It has also equipped itself with the latest generation 3D printers to be able to offer its customers beacons, wearable sensors and other IoT devices to complement the web / mobile solutions, so as to enhance the digital experience of the end user.

Some applications concern devices for monitoring assets and the health of the patient or employee in the workplace, sensors for manufacturing and agriculture 4.0 projects, indoor positioning mechanisms and company home automation.


Cross-device native apps

B2C/B2B/B2B2C mobile & web


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Always up to date

Easy to use

Easy to integrate

Cloud friendly

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Secure, scalable, robust

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Public administrations

... and many others!



Big data

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Block chain

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