8 March 2022, CCIL and UNILU

The real opportunity for our young colleagues to see first-hand what has been done in Luxembourg and how much more we are determined to do.

In the morning we were welcomed by Dr. Fabio Morvilli and Dr. Luisa Castelli of the Camera di Commercio Italo-Lussemburghese, whom we take the opportunity to thank from the bottom of our hearts for their support and precious help; in the afternoon the work continued with the work team of Prof. Radu State at the University of Luxembourg, source and stimulus of our research activities at an international level, which further consolidates Gulliver’s willingness to collaborate with important partners such as universities and the Iobo business network.

On this special day, we did not miss the thanks to our women, who every day bring their energy, personality and professionalism to Gulliver; and give voice to the concept of beauty in a context where we tend to prefer utility to the harmony of shapes and colors