It’s a new year and Gulliver does not stop!

As every year, with the aim of improving ourselves more and more, on Friday we dedicated a first day to our Annual Team Building in the name of dialogue, cooperation and innovation.

A year ago it took place in Desenzano, two years ago in Franciacorta and this year (unfortunately) it has been made via TEAMS!

To make our day more lively we invited Raffaella Bossi Fornarini – Zero Alibi ® -, Giulia Baccarin – AI and Predictive Maintenance – and Antonio Fiorentino – Cybersecurity whom we thank very much for their interventions.

We divided ourselves into working groups, facing a series of themed tables with a single goal:

„Sharing with new colleagues, discussing, increasing, lowering the average age and improving ourselves, our professionalism and our business reality“

Organization, procedures, insights, communication, technology and training are some of the topics covered that involved each of us, making everyone not only participants but also actors of methods that are always new and “agile”.

Bear in mind that „We are Hiring” !!