G-sales is the complete solution for the sales force in Italy and abroad. Digitize your catalog, define sales lists and you are immediately ready to receive orders and quotes from your sellers!

Sales management

Digitization has had a decisive impact in redesigning the sales process for goods and services, which today cannot disregard the support of mobile technologies. G-sales is the solution that fully embraces this trend, giving the sales representative all the tools he needs to perform his daily work in the best way and offering the company the flexibility to manage and push sales.

Catalog. G-sales is perfect for removing paper from the representative's bag. The solution allows the company to easily digitize catalogs and the sales force to consult them on their mobile devices, at any time, thanks to a specially designed app. No more flying leaflets or encyclopedic tomes, perhaps even largely obsolete, with G-sales the updated catalog is always in your pocket!

Orders and Quotes. Probably the most used G-sales function and, for this reason, particularly accurate. Forget the old commission copy and work exclusively with the App! You can consult the technical data sheets of the products on the fly, the standard sales conditions and those reserved for your customers, put the products in the cart and complete the order or quote by entering the shipping, billing and payment data. Did you miss something? No problem, everything can be changed before transmitting data to the company!

Product reorder. In just a few clicks you can redo an order or consult the latest products purchased by the customer, so you can easily reorder them!

Order history. Another very used function of G-sales is the consultation of orders placed on a customer. The rep. does not have to "go by heart" or call the company to check a price, what was purchased, etc.

Light CRM. Knowing customers, how they evolve, and the trends that are emerging in the market is fundamental in every economic sector. You can acquire targeted information on the most valuable company asset, the customer base, with the help of G-sales and those who, in the company, know customers better than anyone else: your sales force! G-sales makes it possible to track visits to customers, their frequency, results and any critical issues, as well as to acquire CRM information in a structured and functional way.

G-sales is a combined mobile and web solution that can be activated in stand-alone mode or integrated with company order management systems. The G-sales mobile app runs natively on Android / iOS smartphones and tablets and, once data is received from the server, can run completely disconnected from the network (off-line mode).

The console identifies data and provides graphs easily to consult and navigate relats to customers, articles, sales and visiting conditions. It allows you to manage catalogs, customer master data, price lists, sales, new users and CRM information.

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