China, QR Code, soccer: simply effective!

In these days of late August for pleasure and professional curiosity I have been in China, exactly in Guangzhou, where I had dinner with a great footballer and now coach in China like Paolo Cannavaro.

In this highly efficient city, thanks also to his words, I saw myself how fast the business is and how much speed is also very present in the daily life of the most common people, young and old. In football and business, speed is now very much!

Everything in the life of the Chinese passes through the Smartphone and the continuous use of its QR Code. And let me explain better: not having a smartphone, not using Wechat – the Chinese messaging system, since the Western ones are inhibited – not having Alipay, in China , means not being able to communicate with others, not being able to pay in stores, not being able to be traced and enjoying a range of services such as the use of taxis, shopping at home, the loyalty card, the booking of trips and countless many others applications. Continuously in China in stores, on the street, on trains, you can see ordinary people showing their QR Code identifying from their smartphone to pay, to activate new contacts, to be identified, to activate new services through WeChat. And what speed, fewer queues, and everything are registered. I don’t want to go into the question whether it is right or not, but you can guess how simple, efficient and above all fast the system is: (1) you can see your identifying QR Code (2) is read by another smartphone, by a reader at cash register, from other Apps and immediately, simply many services are triggered.

Provoke to myself, to Gulliver, to my colleagues, and to our customers, partners and potential customers: why in all the Gulliver Apps and our customers do we not get used to having a unique QR Code that identifies us as in WeChat? Our Apps already do it, it’s simple and we would give ourselves a lot of efficiencies: it’s just to restore!

I hope this provocation is a reason for reflection in our Lab, in our Academy, with our customers and partners, with our Start-Up, after all, travel is also useful for this.

However, China is a monster of efficiency and that technology, not taking note of it is “old style”!

Giuseppe Capoferri CEO Gulliver