We are convinced that, in a delicate moment like what Italy is experiencing, the participation of everyone, individuals and companies, is important in order to face the emergency in the best way.

Gulliver wants to make his contribution by joining all those companies that are currently committed to guaranteeing the payment of their suppliers.

This commitment represents an important action within the meaning of cooperation between companies to try to stem the deleterious effects of this emergency.

Not paying suppliers would in fact trigger a domino effect that would affect the activities of companies and the lives of their collaborators.  

We believe that this action can contribute to creating a network of mutual support between companies, for the benefit of all entrepreneurial realities and the entire country system.

In this regard, we are strengthening our solutions to allow companies to do Smart Working in a simple and complete way, all managed by our G-OAL (Gulliver Orchestrator & Application Layer) orchestrator.