M-Apperò, the APP that detects road surface disruption featuring G-OAL.

Our city is the first in Italy to be equipped with the innovative project developed by Fasternet S.r.l., Streparava S.p.A., Air S.r.l., QMap Italy within the Lombardy mobility cluster: every centimeter of the road surface that crosses the more than 200 municipalities of the Brescian area will be mapped, thus increasing the quality service of citizens as well as the safety of their car travels.

We are really proud that all the data from the 60,000 vehicles circulating in the territory, from the operators in the field (sensors, black boxes, images/videos and artificial intelligence) can merge, be integrated, “storied” and made available through a convenient web console and mobile app thanks to the data orchestrator fully managed by our G-OAL platform.

We also like to mention that this is a project that enhances the collaborative capacity of the Lombard mobility cluster and the lobo business network to which Fasternet S.r.l., Gulliver s.r.l., QMap Italy and Be2Net belong and we would like to thank Davide Sangiorgi who coordinated the activities.

Giornale di Brescia, Corriere della Sera, and Il Giorno, explain in more detail what this beautiful project consists of.