Startup program: Aurelia


We have become start-up incubators and we have created an ad hoc program to support and follow companies, managers, workers and entrepreneurs in the development of innovative ideas, so that they become solutions to be proposed to the market. Execution and profits in the first three years are fundamental and the ideas start from the companies.

Until today we have contributed to the creation of Start Up as SoccerPass, in the world of football, Al bacio and Mother Dough Pizza in New York in the catering&restaurant world, Legur and Winex in the world of agrifood logistics or wine delivery, up to the our Giotto, Gulliver’s container of ideas, where we are all members.

But now, based on these experiences, we have begun to believe more and more that Gulliver should be a protagonist in the startup world, with a specialized program.

We have therefore identified a steering committee made up of professionals of the highest level, who works as a jury and brings to the investors the ideas selected as the best.

The company that will become the investment container is a S.p.a., which protects investors with supervisory authorities, and an associated auditing company for complete transparency.

The collection purpose is ambitious and in the first tranche eight startups will be financed, two of which are already in the process of being set up


The new start up for the agrifood logistic and transport.


Pushed by our passion for innovation, one day we have decided to built a space in which our ideas can come true. So Giotto was borned, a R&D laboratory that year by year has became more equipped and used by Gulliver team to built up the first concept, test and perfect them, until the market of the product and the creation of new start-ups.


Be2net is the fruit of networking and, for this very reason, its logo recalls its value.

Networking is synonymous with sharing knowledge, skills and contacts. The purpose is to achieve a common goal.


Discover wine and its world through winery tours, scenic routes and special experiences.
Wine is hospitality.


The start up to ease the track&trace and the managemento of last mile deliveries