Startup program: Aurelia

With Aurelia, Gulliver’s Innovation team was born, set up to stimulate and select new ideas to be developed in-house and always on the lookout for ideas from clients, entrepreneurs and partners, in order to accompany them in the development process.

Our startup incubator prefers execution-oriented projects, with profit achievement in the first three years.

To foster a certain bottom-up flow of proposals and new ideas within us, the startup Giotto was also founded, a container for the ideas of the entire Gulliver team, of which we are all partners. Gulliver’s international opening, now active in Luxembourg, is another step in the direction of stimulating the turnover of ideas and knowledge and the birth of new projects from the bottom up.


The new start up for the agrifood logistic and transport.


Pushed by our passion for innovation, one day we have decided to built a space in which our ideas can come true. So Giotto was borned, a R&D laboratory that year by year has became more equipped and used by Gulliver team to built up the first concept, test and perfect them, until the market of the product and the creation of new start-ups.


Be2net is the fruit of networking and, for this very reason, its logo recalls its value.

Networking is synonymous with sharing knowledge, skills and contacts. The purpose is to achieve a common goal.


Discover wine and its world through winery tours, scenic routes and special experiences.
Wine is hospitality.


The start up to ease the track&trace and the managemento of last mile deliveries