DUBAI, Expo 2020: What spaces for an Italian software house in the International AgriFood?

This week in Dubai on the occasion of EXPO, together with the Innovation House of the Polytechnic Foundation of Milan and the Lombardy Region, we talked about our solutions for sustainable transport in the world of agriculture and renewable energy.

For some time now, Gulliver has been actively engaged and working in the agrifood sector, bringing not only digital solutions that put farmers in contact directly with the final clients via the marketplace, but also giving life to a real start-up project: « Legur srl”, the app dedicated to the optimization of inbound logistic flows in this specific sector, already used by several Italian companies.

Special thanks to the friends of the Digital Innovation Observatories of the Politecnico di Milano, who allow us to make the will to grow not only in Italy but also abroad more and more concrete and constant.

Link to the interview: