IOBO 2.0 is born

Six signatures for the digital transformation  Made in Brescia

This morning at the headquarters in Confindustria Brescia, Fasternet S.r.l., Gulliver s.r.l., RJ45 social innovation, Ipre, Be2Net and Scao Informatica srl formalized the birth of the new IOBO 2.0 business network.

The network was created under the patronage of innexHUB and CSMT Innovative Contamination Hub as well as with the support of Confindustria Brescia and RetImpresa.

The objective of the new agreement is to intensify the spread of digitization increasing awareness among companies: to develop #tecnologie, solutions and services that can accompany companies in all sectors towards a 4.0 reality.

Iobo 2.0 represents the natural evolution of the previous agreement that allowed the realization of important digitization projects in the territory, Mapperò, ATG and Helpcare, and from which were born still challenging objectives now in the hands of the new reality.

The network has already joined important partners who with their skills and experience will allow to achieve important results for the network, companies, the territory.

Great expectations, even more the projects that we are sure will be realized.

Stay Tuned!