Luxembourg: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in finance and beyond

The prestigious international webinar organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg in collaboration with The LHoFT – Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, to which we had the great pleasure of being invited this morning as speakers to talk about our twenty years of experience in artificial intelligence and blockchain.

The perfect opportunity to introduce a start-up we are immensely proud of, U-nick.

U-nick via a dedicated app and solution, tracks your product or more generally your asset via a unique code (QR / BarCode).

The 2 platforms MDC and G-OAL at the base of the project, track assets also safely by combining the QR / Barcode, acquired by the App, with the Blockchain and manage logistics in a predictive way with the union of AI algorithms.

We now hope that the vaccine campaign will allow us to reach our colleagues in Luxembourg as soon as possible. We believe in it!! Power!