17 – 19 DECEMBER

What are you doing on December 17th, 18th and 19th?

Line Culture association has thought of a three-day journey at the MO.CA that involves all the citizens of Brescia towards an idea of a world moved by art.

At Gulliver we have always identified ourselves as small but great dreamers.

Dreamers who firmly believe in the value of innovation and more deeply in the value of passion and creativity itself, which does not only flow into the dedication to our work; but also in sport, in music and above all in art.

For this reason we have decided to support the art project of Line Culture, a team of 10 students, artists and young professionals between the ages of 22 and 27 who recognize artistic work as an opportunity for social #innovation and positive change. Line Culture aims to give a value to artistic work that goes beyond the economic dimension, and which recognizes the artist a central role in contributing to the transition to a more sustainable, aware, fair and willing to listen society.

We’ll be there, what about you?

Learn more on the Line Culture website.