31 March 2022, GIOTTO x Radio Canale Italia

On Thursday we were finally able to listen to our very good colleagues, Marco Zacchetti & Michael Bertuzzi, who together with our CEO Giuseppe Capoferri, told all the listeners of Radio Canale Italia about GIOTTO.

GiottoLab is the start-up born from Gulliver’s desire to involve all colleagues in something that was new, ambitious but above all authentic is a business experience. This is how Gulliver thanks to Giotto decided to invest in a laboratory of innovation and development where our ideas came to life, which was in Gulliver and for Gulliver, and in which all our young people could participate as members, bringing not money but desire to do, ideas and work.

„Gulliver for IOT TO“ is a research laboratory that from year to year has become increasingly equipped: we create the first concepts, test and refine them, until we market the final product.

We are extremely proud to say that our first idea, „the aperitif machine“ born almost for fun, has also recently won a tender and has been officially patented.
We look forward to talking to you about it and continuing to work on the prototype and the dedicated App.