Gulliver & Food with MotherDough Pizza in New York

Gulliver and Food with MotherDough Pizza in New York, a recent opening in the Brooklyn neighborhood. A new initiative featuring Gulliver, with Franco Denari and Elisa Rizzi for a light, healthy and quality pizza.

Goal for Gulliver to verify the use of the App to facilitate and organize the delivery at home of the “Mother Dough light pizza”.

The mother dough, the exquisite recipes and pizzas are the work of Elisa, the intent is to transfer our passion for the true Neapolitan pizza even abroad. MotherDough Pizza in New York wants to be the first point of a long series.

For the occasion of the new opening our CEO Giuseppe Capoferri and our American partner Hanjin Lee of Koamtac, together with their spouses, found themselves in New York to celebrate Franco and Elisa. Visit the MotherDough Pizza website.
Visit the MotherDough Pizza website