Custom Projects

More than 400 custom projects, 350 B2B and 50 B2C.
Native app and dedicated console web.

Here some examples.


Our new b2c App for DHL EXPRESS is on the stores to be downloaded directly by customers.

The App allows you to estimate the shipment of goods and documents in Italy or abroad, thanks to the Easy Espress services of the DHL network, choosing the packaging and delivery options you want. In just a few clicks it is possible to switch from quoting to booking the shipment in one of the many DHL service points present throughout Italy, where the operation can be concluded very quickly, since the App is integrated with the network that manages the service points. There is no lack of tracking features in the App, to always know where your shipment is, to search for service points and to read news from the DHL world.

The App works natively on Android and iOS smartphones, in order to guarantee maximum usability and fluidity of the user experience.


Uptown is not only Europe’s most technological smart district but it is also the new App for the citizens of the neighborhood and for everyone who wants to experience it! More than 10,000 apartments, 3,500 trees, a MALL with over 200 stores and a unique, special App to experience this immense technological world.

Not just an app for those who live there, but an experience that everyone can access to discover Uptown. Residents have everything they need! Information on the apartment, home automation, maintenance and contacts with the administration, reservation of common spaces – such as the kitchen, the living room or the gym – parking lots, transportation and connections of the neighborhood with the rest of the city and, last but not least , personal safety and loved ones!

BRT Express Courier

We have created the App used every day by over 10,000 BRT drivers to manage deliveries and pick ups they make in our homes!

The driver can check and possibly reorganize the delivery / pick up services that have been entrusted to him by the App. After departure from the branch, the App allows the driver to easily find the next destination, to check the characteristics of the service he is performing, to track the successful or failed execution, also being able to scan the barcode of each single item handled , record any cash receipts and acquire the customer’s signature. At the end of the tour, the driver can check in the App the summary of the packages delivered / taken and the cash withdrawn, being able to square any inaccuracies.

The App is used on common Android smartphones.


Italtrans turned to us because it needed to digitize all phases of the delivery process to its customers, introducing a mobile solution that would facilitate the work of its drivers and providing real-time indications on the status of deliveries.

The drivers receive the list of trips, they are supported in the loading, unloading and repositioning of goods and acquire information such as events and hesitation times, which are sent in real time to the back office.

The mobile App, being integrated with the Italtrans document system, allows to view the documents relating to the deliveries and sending the signed document back to the system.

The back office operators can thus view all the information relating to travel and save time for filing documents and managing hesitations.


SpinApp is the app designed for Peroni. Through it the company provides a valuable work tool both to its own internal staff and to external suppliers, who thus manage the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the staplers.

The maintenance technicians are updated in real time on the needs of the customers and can promptly intervene and save all the information in a digital format: in this way, next to an optimization of the work by the technicians, we have a customer who receives the documentation of the interventions brought to term with the details of their outcome, simultaneously with the closure of the activity itself.

Thus the steps and times usually associated with the execution and preparation of documentation relating to activities of this type are drastically reduced.


The solution built for Number 1, born from the need to manage the operations carried out by drivers, now manages the mobile operations of different sectors of the company.

The app is used for both long-haul and delivery journeys: for the first, the driver has a sequence of well-defined operations and all travel-delivery times are recorded; for the second, a lighter application has been developed, which allows the driver to organize the tour based on his experience.

In addition to the app for drivers, a track and trace application was developed for the agents that allows to see all the shipping information made on customer orders. The agents visiting their customers therefore have the possibility to consult the data of the shipments and to see the statistics on the anomalies.


Esselunga needed a solution capable of managing and optimizing home deliveries, notifying the customer of the arrival of the home shopping. With our application we give drivers the ability to view orders, calculating arrival times. The solution is also connected to the Esselunga e-commerce which, 20 minutes before the courier’s arrival, communicates to the customer the time of delivery of the grocery shopping.

The App, developed on iOS and Android, is native and uses all the latest technologies, thanks to the development with the MDC platform.


We created the Autismile app as part of a project on Multisystem therapy in the water (MTW) for autistic children, funded by the Vodafone Foundation.

Autismile is divided into two sections. A first part, public, is dedicated to the parents of children: thanks to our app you can view the doctors in your area, the pools that practice MTW and always be informed about the activities of the association.

The second part is dedicated to the TMA operators: the professionals use our app to keep track of the progress of the children, administer the groups in the pool and use an educational tool. The entire platform is supported by V-Mdc and a customized web console, which is also used by the administration as a corporate CRM.


The app allows all professional technicians belonging to the Golilla network to manage in a simple and intuitive way all the phases that characterize the installation and maintenance operations with their customers: from the collection of the goods to the preparation of the report when the work is completed.

Through the app you can consult and organize the agenda of your scheduled appointments, manage the intervention documentation and receive technical and commercial news.

Designed to guarantee the best user experience without having to compromise on robustness and reliability, the app can be downloaded on Android and iOS smartphones.

The solution also includes a web administration console, which allows the Golilla staff to assign the intervention tickets to the technicians and to coordinate all the management activities through a single agile platform and always aligned with the Golilla systems.


The B2B App created specifically for the Thyssen Group.

Through our app more than 10,000 maintenance technicians spread throughout the national territory are able to provide daily and real-time maintenance and assistance on ThyssenKrupp lifts.

The App allows a real-time location of maintenance technicians, who intervene within a few minutes to all the help requests, in the event of a fault on the elevators.

Next to the emergency activity, the App allows you to manage a periodic and widespread maintenance and assistance activity so that the attention on the lifts and their perfect functioning over time is always guaranteed.


The solution for Davines and Comfort Zone agents has been evolving since 2006.

The App follows the entire flow of the sales order, from the salon to the agents, to arrive directly at customer care in the company.

The solution consists of Ipad tablets for agents and web modules for other users. The App allows you to prepare orders for customers and consult all the commercial information the agent needs. The web is accessed by various figures that follow the flow of the order and authorize discounts and dedicated promotions. A web module manages the program at points where salons earn by purchasing points depending on purchases and can spend them on products or refresher courses.

The solution operates in Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Hong Kong.


The sample tracking solution built for Synlab has made it possible to streamline and simplify the transport, loading and unloading of analysis samples in the various Synlab centers.

The App receives directly from the Synlab systems the daily tours of the operators on the territory. The operator performs the start and end job stamping directly on his smartphone and takes charge of the ride assigned to him; through a barcode reader it records all the loads and discharges of analysis samples carried out in the Synlab centers. The application activates the continuous tracking of the position during the entire duration of the tour to get real-time information on the position of the samples. A communication system is also available in the App that allows you to receive periodic messages and training documents for operators.

From the web portal the back office operator has the possibility to consult the data collected by the various operators and communicate with them.


A2A has chosen Gulliver to manage the SMS sending platform. With this platform, Gulliver relies on Vodafone servers to massively send text messages to its users with excellent performance and keeping track of delivery statuses. The platform is used in different areas, from simple SMS for internal use for employees to large catchment areas. For these cases, a web console was created, which has the task of managing and routing the communications of A2A Reti Elettriche towards its subscribers, allowing to warn thousands of people about possible failures or outages at the same time, thus reducing the flow of calls to the switchboard indoor.

For A2A, Gulliver also manages the subscription to Free WiFi networks.

Enrollment in the network can be done via SMS or via a Telegram BOT made by Gulliver.

Aurora Biofarma

The company, leader in the pharmaceutical sector, has chosen Vodafone’s Digital Catalog for the automation of more than 300 commercial and biomedical informants.

Digital Catalog allows Aurora Biofarma to show catalogs and illustrative sheets of each product to the customer during each appointment. Operators fill in quotes and orders directly from the tablet and share daily progress in real time with the company and with the customer.

The analysis of the data, the accuracy of the same and the easy usability have reduced the times of management, insertion and accounting of the operations made by the sales force on the territory.


Revello has entrusted Gulliver with both the management of its sales network and the management of its maintainers. Revello agents are facilitated in order entry thanks to the V-Agent work force, the application available for iPad that offers the agent the possibility of:

– Enter your orders and communicate them to the central office

– View receipts and customer accounts

– Obtain various types of reports such as the agent’s performance, inventories, returns, etc.

– View documents uploaded to the system.

– Work offline too

Through the V-MDC platform, Revello managed the activities of its maintainers, giving them the opportunity to report faults with the smartphone.


For Rivoira with the Mdc platform we have realized:

WeSupply: Application used by third-party agencies of the Rivoira group, which use the app to scan the QR codes on Rivoira cylinders and insert them in the company delivery process;

WeSafe: Application given to Rivoira employees to ensure their safety, it is used to report to the company any accidents or failures, send safety checks and to track the employee in case of risky situations.

WeShare: Company intranet with CRM functions

WeMessanger: Company chat integrated with the WeSafe application

WeService: Application available to operators used for cylinder traceability, ticket management, maintenance and plant installations.

Sodicam - RENAULT

The app for the tablet, consolidated and used by more than 50 agents from the Sodicam sales force (a division of Renault for everything related to after-sales: spare parts, paint …)

It manages orders with more than 90 thousand items.

View sales data of all customers with a history of the last 3 years.

With the App the agents manage orders even from 3-4 thousand lines starting from the sold and the historical.

The App is completed by the CRM section with a visit report, collection of data and images of the workshops and body shops.


We have developed the complete SFA solution used by the Enervit sales force.

The solution is used on Apple tablets by the area managers, country managers and commercial agents of all sales channels (sports, pharmacy and GDO). The traditional acquisition of order is declined in an App designed for a very particular sector of sports nutrition, of which it implements all the peculiarities. The acquired orders are automatically validated by the solution with respect to the commercial management policies and, in the case of non-standard orders, are subjected to hierarchical approval by the area managers, who can validate or block an order using their version of the App.

The solution is fully integrated with the company’s SAP system.

Sony Music

We have developed the Sony Music SFA mobile solution.

The solution handles all the classic themes of order taking, in addition to the specific aspects of the entertainment sector, such as the rotation of artists and catalog tracks, targeted searches for albums, performers, authors, tracks, news, etc., promotional campaigns, the particular commercial conditions for artist and client contract, easy reordering and much more. The solution is fully integrated with the Sony Music management system.

In addition to the order taking module, the solution also includes an interactive digital multimedia catalog, with the possibility of deepening the albums and listening to a sample of the most representative songs.

The App works natively on iOS tablets, so as to guarantee the maximum fluidity of the user experience.


Taxiblu, the biggest radiotaxi in Milan and its province (1800 cars), asked us to develop the TaxiMilano app, available for free to all users who want to call a taxi or reserve it for a specific date and time.

The use of the app allows you to avoid long phone waits and facilitates the identification of the point of call via GPS.

The App allows you to book special vehicles, have real-time requests and bookings on specific dates and times.

A convenient console allows Taxiblu staff to manage reservations and their planning.

The App is connected to the Digitax central system for charging and it is available on iOS and Android.