Palazzo Montemartini, Rome: Green Pass, safety and effectiveness!

On Friday in the splendid location of Palazzo Montemartini in Rome we presented to our friends of Vodafone an even richer and more efficient HR SUITE!

TODAY, thanks to MY ASSISTANT, we help companies to be faster in checking the green pass in full compliance with the laws and we give the right focus to practical advantages:

  • Automate the process
  • Avoid unnecessary waiting at the entrance
  • Use fewer staff and company resources
  • Have a report of the checks carried out in accordance with the law
  • Have an immediate notification of anomalies


In the splendid Roman setting, however, we did not stop here!


We talked about artificial intelligence applied to transport and sales, IoT and our G-OAL platform for innovative data and cloud management; and we have put our words into practical examples of successful cases. Success stories for which we would like to thank our Vodafone colleagues who in recent years have given us not only trust, but great opportunities to grow!

After a long time, being able to meet friends, colleagues, customers and tell about our new proposals was beautiful and stimulating.

Let’s hope it’s just the beginning of a new exciting journey for Gulliver!